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Tyler Construction Company was founded in 1993 by Kevin Arnold, a 4th generation native of Alexandria, Virginia. His wealth of knowledge as a Class A contractor has earned him merit and distinction in the area of both residential and commercial project management.

Prior to starting Tyler Construction Kevin graduated from Groveton High School to then start his construction career with R.I Kellog & Daughters Construction. In 1977 Kevin continued on to become the first employee of Cub Run Builders. During his time there he worked his way up to become Executive Vice President, which cemented his desire to branch out and found a company of his own. From start to finish Kevin’s 35 plus years in the industry is why Tyler Construction Company has enjoyed substantial growth with a large and diverse client base, while maintaining a relationship that enforces many repeat clients. 

Recently, Tyler Arnold has joined the team in 2018 and following in Kevin’s footsteps is now the head project manager while running site development and office operations. Tyler’s passion for innovation and working closely with clients to meet their custom needs project to project is an invaluable asset. He is dedicated to customer satisfaction and expanding on the business that his father Kevin started the year he was born. 

Together Kevin and Tyler Arnold are driven to consistently assure every client a quality-built, finished product that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

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"All of the Tyler Construction team are friendly and easy to work with, so I can highly recommend them."
- P. Henry, Alexandria